BirlaHospicon amongst the best Hospital and Healthcare consultancy firm who provides wide combination of services for the beneficial of the client which ranges from architectural plan, project planning and execution, equipment planning, IT solutions, business and financial analysis, marketing communications and many more in the line.

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  • Spectrum Of Services

    • Feasibility analysis
    • Preparing detailed project reports
    • Sophistication in building plan & equipments
    • Construction planning and execution in various segments mapping Healthcare norm
    • Pre-commissioning and post-commissioning consulting
    • Preparing and validating business plans
    • Strategic financial and budget planning
    • Accreditation consultancy
    • Developing SOP’s, policies, tariffs, etc
    • Developing business process and protocols in hospitals
    • Operational and administration management consulting
    • Hospital management information system consulting
    • Medical equipment planning, budgeting and consulting
    • Both clinical and non clinical Trainings
    • Cost reduction plan
    • Quality plan
    • ISO Accreditation
    • Departmental and Hospital audit
    • Post accreditation monitoring
    • Customer care management
    • Support in Services Outsourcing
    • Revenue Improvement plan
    • IT Enable Services
  • For New Hospitals

    Strategic Planning & Research :
    Our strategies carry out result oriented analysis & planning to provide authentic statistical survey of various target groups, taking into account of target population

    Facility & Functional Planning :
    We document a brief for the architect, quantifying the space and design requirement based on the projected and operational workings. We also develop plan on functional activities to line up various phases of executions.

    Technical Services & Resource Planning :
    We recommend service mix pattern considering various aspects, categories, size, and other inter-linked parameters. keeping in mind the organisational structure. assistance is provided in the areas of selection, recruitment, compensation, organisation and motivation of specific medical staff consultants and executives.

    Equipment & Integration Planning :
    We recommend medical and allied equipment to avoid delays, cost over-runs and purchase of inappropriate equipment and their integration with various devices

    IT Implementation Planning :
    We optimize, recommend and implement best software applications to streamline processes and activities of various departments/sections

    Training & Development Planning :
    Our expertise team are catalyst and analyze the medical staff needs providing training at various stages with sound perception and find practical solutions through consensus building to complex medical and administrative issues, and also recommend systems for long term medical staff development.

  • For Existing Hospitals

    Restructuring & Organizing existing facilities :
    We assess existing facilities for restructuring and organizing to meet optimal performance of single or multiple services as a whole. It includes study of individual, organizational, and environmental factors that affect performance and efficiency. Recommend steps to improve quality, efficiency, and productivity with long term strategy.

    Benchmarking and Operations Improvement Services :
    We assess operations and systems of departments/Sections and their relationships. Recommend steps for improvement of existing operations and systems to augment productivity.

    Operations Restructuring, Reengineering Services :
    We establish important indicators and advise on development of systems to simplify quick flow of information, improving efficiency, control as well as also provide guidance on designing of forms and its standard operating procedures, departmental manuals, quality manuals, and training to effective implementation of these for efficient circulation and control. If needed, we design new systems and processes to achieve fundamental change for redirecting resources.

    Project Implementation Planning & Execution Steps :
    Selection of Architect, Electrical Consultant and Contractor specialized in hospital projects.
    Selection of Strategy based on Client’s requirements
    Selection of Project Manager and Project Engineer and other staff
    Formulation of Project Implementation Team
    Creation of Hospital design, location of facilities, allocation of space for different departments and services with an objective of smooth coordination and effective utilization.
    Identification of milestones for the implementation of various phases, activities and completion of the project
    Supervision and update of Project Implementation Progress.
    Create meetings schedules to advise and suggest solutions of problems and in other matters.
    Strong coordination with Architect Consultant, Civil Engineers, Civil Contractors and other contractors.
    Coordinating with Consultants for internal design and layout of the services, and departments including placement of equipment & furniture
    Considerations in respect of Air conditioning, Elevators, Water, Waste treatment, Peripherals, Hospitals Devices etc

  • Why Opt For BirlaHospiCon Services?

    • Affordable rates
    • Certified team of industry experts
    • Dedicated manager for each process outsourced
    • Increased work productivity with use of technologically advanced tools
    • Robust process aimed at streamlining procedures to attain optimum expenses
    • Innovative Processing techniques
    • End to End project completion to ensure GOLIVE

    Return On Investment

    BirlaHospiCon, is able to produce a sizeable return on your investment. We help to realize a return on our consulting fees through identification and implementation of cost savings opportunities. The type of project, size of facility, and level of need has a large impact on actual savings potential.
    Since, we are well equipped and trained on healthcare regulations and also provide consultation on the financial health of practices. By associating with us, businesses can see massive improvements in their revenue generation patterns and feel an instant increase in their cash flows. We believe we can do this by updating our clients with the best industry practices and to achieve the best, we believe in associating with the best.

  • Transition

    We understand the importance of change and hence we put in great efforts to make sure that the transition process is smooth and hassle free for our clients. Client’s transition process is managed by our proficient team who are experts at transition and operational procedures.
    Transfer is achieved at our operations center, which becomes the backend support unit for our client’s needs. Upon completion of transfer, our delivery team works in conjunction with the client organization in a stringent and well organized set-up. We work towards helping our clients shift services, knowledge and responsibility in speedy manner by assuring service, quality and continuity.